Henry V11
                 Henry V111   
                 Edward V1
                 Elizabeth 1

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T1     ELIZABETH 1 - 6d

Silver sixpence


3rd and 4th issue

mm. eglantine

bust 5a

Spink 2563 [£350 in VF]

obv. slightly weakly struck

Full and round

VF\GVF                             £275     sold



Silver crown


3rd coinage

mm. y

obv.  King on horse right;

rev.  shield on cross.

30.61 g

Spink 2478 [£4000 in VF]; North 1933; 

Lingford B-20 .

Provenance: Spink.

some striking weakness below horse.

VERY RARE - die pairing not in Lingford collection.

Graded by NGC: EF - XF40 [UK grading would be lower]

                                                                            £2300     sold

T3     EDWARD V1  -  2/6d

Silver halfcrown

Fine silver issue


mm. y

obv.  Horseman right, 1551 below;

rev.   shield.

Spink 2479 [£2250 in VF]; 

in an NGC grading holder - VF.


T4     EDWARD V1  -  1/-

Silver shilling


mm. tun

Fine silver issue

obv.  bust facing;

rev.   shield over cross.

6.36 g

Spink 2482 [£625 in VF]

Provenance: private collection, UK [with ticket - 'bought Jan. 1995 - GVF £415']

slightly weakly struck in the centre.

aVF                                                                        £395

T5     EDWARD V1  -  1/-

Silver shilling


Southwark mint

bust 6

mm. Y

obv.  bust right;

rev.   small oval garnished shield.

5.25  g

Spink 2472C [£1250 in VF]; Stewartby p. 532.

BNJ vol. 31, plate X11/11 [this coin illustrated].

Provenance: W J Potter collection; Lord Stewartby collection.

better than photos.


VF                                                                    £985

T6     HENRY V11  -  groat

Silver groat [4 pence]

Tower mint

mm. cross-crosslet

type 1Va

Obv. facing bust;

rev.   cross with trefoil of pellets in each angle.

2.80 g

Spink 2200 [£425 in VF]; North 1708a.

Provenance: Coin Galleries; Todd Hansen collection.

slight roughness to left of obv.

VF                                                                         £195     sold

T7     HENRY V111  -  2d

Silver half groat

Canterbury mint

1st Coinage

mm. martlet

Abp. William Warham

obv. bust of Henry V11 right;

rev.  shield with WA above.

1.37 g

Spink 2320 [£525 in VF]; North 1765.

GVF                                                               £485

T8     ELIZABETH 1  -  6d

Silver sixpence

3rd issue


mm. coronet

obv.  bust 4b left;

rev.   shield with date above.

2.79 g

Spink 2562 [£325 in VF]; North 1997; BCW CN-2:CNi3'

Provenance: A Cherry collection, Aug. 1990. 

slightly ragged edge

GVF/nEF                                                        £250

T9     ELIZABETH 1  -  1d

Silver penny

2nd issue

mm. cross crosslet

obv.  bust 3H left;

rev.   shield.

0.41 g

Spink 2558 [£175 in VF]; North 1988; BCW CC3.

Provenance: Davissons auction, USA, 13 October 2014, lot 62 [sold $200 hammer price].

some striking weakness in the centre and edge slightly ragged.

GVF/nEF                                                               £98

T10     ELIZABETH 1  -  3d

Silver threepence


4th issue

mm. eglantine

obv.  bust 4D left;

rev.   shield with date above.

1.46 g

Spink 2566 [£300 in VF]; North 1998; BCW EG-2:EG-h; Dave Greenhalgh 1iii/Bi [this coin illustrated].

Provenance: DNW auctions, 19 March 2003.

                                                                                lot 231 

weakly struck in places

A full round coin.

VF                                                                           £245     sold 

T11     ELIZABETH 1 - 1d

Silver penny

3rd issue

mm. castle

obv.  bust left;

rev.   shield.

0.48 g

Spink 2570 [£200 in VF]; North 2001; BCW CA-1:CA-a;

Provenance: S R Porter collection, Oct. 1994.

VF/GVF                                                         £135

T12     ELIZABETH 1  -  6d

Silver sixpence


3rd issue

mm. coronet

obv.  bust 4B left;

rev.   shield with date above.

Spink 2562 [£325 in VF];  BCW CN-2:CN

North 1997.

weakly struck portrait and a little shiny.

Full and round.

nVF/VF                                                             £135                   

T13     ELIZABETH 1  -  6d

Silver sixpence


4th issue

mm. eglantine

obv.  bust 5A left;

rev.   shield with date above.

3.05 g

Spink 2563 [£325 in VF]; BCW EG-1:EG; 

North 1997.

obv. weakly struck.

nVF/VF                                                        £175

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